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Falling for Fall

Apple picking, colorful leaves, maple syrup, sweater weather: These things immediately pop to mind when I think of Fall in New England. Carol and I look forward to this time of year for many reasons but the biggest is the cooler weather.

Many people mourn the loss of summer's long, warm days, but here at the Bean House, we welcome fall with candlelight and warm cups of tea and cocoa. Although the light fades earlier, the cool air invigorates, and we find we have more energy for the things we love to do. Baking and cooking take on completely different flavors as the summer harvest ends and the heartier root vegetables, squashes, and apples appear at the farm stand. Gatherings move indoors and woodsmoke scents the cool, evening air. 

Autumn is a time of preparation. Falling leaves and scurrying squirrels remind us of the winter that lies ahead. Since Carol and I have neither leaves to shed nor acorns to gather, we sew. We harvest our imagination in the form of fabric and thread, combining various colors and textures to create something warm and inviting. It's not the same as stockpiling acorns but cozying up our homes with things that are comforting brings us joy.

We hope that as you look through our collection of handmade folk art, you'll find something joyful for your home. We're working on table runners and mats, colorful pennant banners, pillows, framed embroidery with the belief that unique, handmade things add warmth and whimsy. This fall Carol and I have one goal: as you return home and turn the lights on in the early evening, we hope you catch sight of the piece you chose, and smile.


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