Hand Made Embroidered Wool Santa Claus Belsnickel~Bean House Original

$ 95.00 $ 47.50

We made this Primitive Santa Claus out of an old Wool Army Blanket.  We hand blanket stitched all around the edges of the hood, sleeves, and hem with Red Floss.  We embroidered Two tall feather trees and stars on the left side of his coat and “Over the River and through the Woods” on the right side.  He has a curly sheep wool Beard and mustache and a hand drawn and sewn face.  He holds a twig tree and dried twigs in one hand and a basket with chenille candy canes in the other.  He holds a brass lantern in his other hand and has a wool bag at his feet. He is attached to a wooden base for stability.  He is a handsome collectible. He is 18” tall x 8” wide across his coat bottom.